A Comprehensive MojoBox Review

We received this from one of our customers. We’re so delighted by it, we’ve chosen to publish it for everyone to see.


Matthew Cave

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Hudson Property Services, LLC



My first impression was that the MojoBox has a great design. I like that it has a slim profile, which is rare for electronic lockboxes, but the quality of the build is very high. It’s durable, and sturdy, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it won’t damage the door surface. It’s much lighter than all of the other electronic lockboxes, and it fits well on buildings with exterior storm doors.

The Mojobox has two pegs inside to hang keys, and a good amount of storage space in the compartment. In the past, we’ve had issues with keys being dropped in the bottom of the compartment causing it to jam, and limited space in the box for multiple keys. This is not an issue with the MojoBox.

The keypad is very simple and has a mechanical lever to open it. We’ve found in the past that some of the lockboxes are a bit complex for people who’ve never used a lockbox before, but this one is super simple for anyone to operate. Simply enter the code, press ok, then slide the lever to open. Some of our previous lockboxes had electronic release mechanisms, which would fail occasionally, and also caused the batteries to drain quickly.

Battery life on the MojoBox has been amazing. We’ve been using the original batteries for over 6 months with no issues. With our previous lockboxes, we changed batteries every time we put it on a new listing, and we’d still have occasional calls from prospecting renters that couldn’t get in because the batteries died. With the MojoBox, we haven’t missed a single showing due to dead batteries.

The option to remove the shackle and mount it to the wall is not something that we originally anticipated using, but we’ve found that it’s actually quite useful as a permanently mounted box, especially with the long battery life. It’s a great option if you want to have a lockbox available at the property for vendors and lockouts.

By far, my favorite feature is the multitude of options for access codes.The MojoBox can be opened by bluetooth, a customizable static code, or any number of temporary codes for different durations. This means that I can have one master code for all of my office staff, bluetooth access for showing agents, a one week code for my painter, and then begin unaccompanied showings with temporary codes for prospective renters. In the past, I had just a couple of code options and durations, but the MojoBox has far more flexibility.

Lastly, the fact that I can purchase a MojoBox for roughly the same price as a standard mechanical lockbox makes it an unbeatable deal. Spending nearly $100 for a complicated, bulky mechanical box was a tough pill to swallow, especially when you have to invest in several at a time to get all listings on the same hardware. The MojoBoxes are easily worth the price considering their versatility, and all of the features they offer. They have really filled the void between overpriced, unreliable electronic boxes, and basic one-code mechanical boxes.


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