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MojoLock Smartlock FAQs

What is MojoLock?

MojoLock is a digital deadbolt built right into your door and provides secure, affordable, and flexible access technology. It requires no internet connection and no additional equipment (like a hub). Installation is as simple as any mechanical deadbolt.

Think about it. If a smart home is for your house — thermostat, lightbulbs, doorbells and the like — then smart access is focused on just your door. The opportunities and benefits are remarkable.

Originally designed exclusively to work with ShowMojo, MojoLocks can now be purchased and used completely independent of ShowMojo.

Now anyone can leverage the power of smart access!

How does it work?

  • Simple and intuitive operation directly from a mobile app or by entering an access code on the keypad.
  • Access via a MojoLock is extremely versatile with access code restrictions by hour, by day, and by month – for up to 28 months.
  • Keyless access for residents that can not only be a benefit to the resident, but can also lead to truly key-free rentals (and all the cost savings that come with it).
  • Self-shows are even easier when prospects don’t need to tangle with fussy lockboxes and loose keys.
  • MojoLocks are transferable when a home is sold or moved between property managers or owners.

Is MojoLock physically secure?

MojoLock technology leverages a supply chain with deep experience in US-based deadbolts and smartlocks. While we don’t like to kiss and tell, MojoLock is using the same technology found in other well-known US brands you’ve come to trust.

MojoLock is also rated to operate in both hot and cold climates and is factory-tested to withstand conditions as cold as -31ºF (-35ºC) or as warm as 140ºF.

What is the battery life?

With four alkaline AA batteries, a MojoLock typically lasts ten months under a normal usage scenario (lithium batteries are not recommended).

MojoLock will alert the user when the batteries are running low. The alert is enabled when around 20% of battery life remains. With low batteries, it will continue to lock and unlock. When in use it will flash red for five seconds to alert you about the low batteries.

The MojoLock includes a Micro USB port at the front bottom of the lock. Just plug in any battery pack and you are good to go even when the battery has run out.

What types of access does MojoLock support?

Keypad Access Codes

MojoLock access codes, generated from the MojoAccess Mobile App, are immediately usable. You can generate access codes without physical proximity to the smartlock.

MojoLock supports the following types of access codes:

  • Day code: Good for unlimited uses on the day for which it has been generated.
  • Multi-day code: Good for any number of days, including years in the future. This is a great option for resident access, as a code can be generated to match the duration of the lease.  These codes must be used on the first calendar day of their access window to remain valid.
  • One hour code: Good for unlimited uses in the hour for which it has been generated.
  • Multi-hour code: Good for anywhere from two to six hours.
  • One-time code: Good for one use within six hours of being generated.

At present there is no way to generate the same code on multiple MojoLocks — for example, to give a showing agent access to multiple homes with one code. Instead, the MojoAccess Mobile App should be used for Bluetooth lock/unlock access.

Bluetooth Access

MojoLocks are accessible directly from the MojoAccess mobile app via Bluetooth, when within range.

Keypad Access Lockout

MojoLocks include an anti-brute-force feature that, after too many incorrect access code attempts, disables keypad access for a brief period.

Whenever four incorrect access codes are entered into a MojoLock, the keypad will not respond to button presses for one minute.

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